Ulrik Soll is managing Nowocoat’s growth in Asia with sustainable coating products


Ulrik Soll is the manager of Nowocoat’s new office in Vietnam. He has extensive local industry experience and is a familiar face in the region, having spent 14 years in Vietnam working for other companies in this field. “Currently we are engaged in close dialogues with 30-40 local furniture manufacturers, and I am also looking for warehouse facilities, somewhere that we can mix paint and set up a laboratory. With our sustainable and environmentally friendly products, Nowocoat represents something unique in this region and we have a bright future ahead of us,” says Ulrik Soll, who expects that the office will grow to employ around 20 people in the near future. Right now, he is looking for competent salespeople and technical staff.

The Asian office is Vietnam has been established under the name Lurrell Sustainable Solutions, and the staff consists of industry professionals who know the Asian markets, customers and local challenges.

“Customers such as IKEA have shown the way. Therefore, we are betting on winning market share as a high-tech producer of sustainable and environmentally friendly coatings for professional and industrial use in the Asian markets. Many East Asian countries are lagging behind in these areas, so that is why we established ourselves in Vietnam,” says Ole Enevold Jensen, the CEO of Nowocoat.

Nowocoat supplies sustainable and responsible solutions to the rapidly growing Asian furniture industry. Today, customers require coatings that comply with all international standards. It is not enough that the products just comply with existing standards - the production processes and working environment also need to be up to a certain standard.

“Sustainable production processes and a good working environment will actively contribute to taking the Asian furniture industry to the next level,” says Ole Enevold Jensen, and the Chairman of the Board, Nina Reinert, also notes that the new ‘base’ in Asia is just one of many initiatives that will keep driving Nowocoat’s ambitious growth trajectory.

With innovative products such as coatings for concrete, metals and wood, Nowocoat has become a global success story and gained the certifications needed to ensure that it is in a strong position when it comes to, for example, supplying the kitchen industry and a large number of recognised Danish furniture brands and international design companies such as the Swedish Ikea.